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The Sunbearer Trials (YA)

The Sunbearer Trials (YA)


Teo, a seventeen-year-old Jade semidios and the trans son of the goddess of birds, isn't worried about the Trials... at least, not for himself. His best friend, Niya is a Gold semidios and a shoo-in for the Trials, and while he trusts her abilities, the odds of becoming the sacrifice is one-in-ten.

But then, for the first time in over a century, the impossible happens. Sol chooses not one, but two Jade competitors. Teo, and Xio, the thirteen-year-old child of the god of bad luck.

Now they must compete in five trials against Gold opponents who are more powerful and better trained. Worst of all, Teo's annoyingly handsome ex-best friend and famous semidios Hero, Aurelio is favored to win. Teo is determined to get himself and his friends through the trials unscathed - for fame, glory, and their own survival.

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