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A New Chapter's Reading Challenges

Here at A New Chapter, we realise how difficult it can sometimes be to keep motivating children to read and also how hard it can be for teachers and schools to keep on top of new releases. We therefore run termly reading challenges focusing on new or underrated diverse and inclusive texts. We are currently running the AUTUMN READING CHALLENGE.

​How Does the Reading Challenge Work?

Each one of our challenges are divided up into 5 books, so that children are not too overwhelmed or pressured. They vary across a range of levels in each year group and encompass several genres and text types. The challenges start at, 'Reception', elevating up to 'Year 11'.

Every one of the challenges come with an easily printed sheet where the children can put their name and tick off their progress each time to share in class or at home.

Reading Challenge Info

​Chances to Win From Completing the Challenge

There are plenty of prizes to win from the reading challenges, which vary from time to time. The best way to be in with winning a prize is to keep your eyes on our twitter, and to tweet us your progress.

​Where Do I Find The Books And More Information

On the shop page of the A New Chapter site, you'll see a section to the left-hand side called 'Reading Challenges', here you will find all the books. The sections are divided into individual year groups and discounted bundles of all the books will be available too.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the Reading Challenges, please do not hesitate to visit our contact page, email us or send a direct message on Twitter. You can also click the button below to be taken to a document which should explain the Reading Challenge in more detail. Thanks and happy reading from A New Chapter!

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