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Don't Panic, It's Puberty! A Guide For Girls

Don't Panic, It's Puberty! A Guide For Girls


A funny, body-positive look at puberty for girls Girls today are learning about and going through puberty at a younger age than ever before. Don't Panic, It's Puberty! offers a positive, reassuring look at the main changes that they will go through during puberty both physically and emotionally - from hair sprouting in unexpected places to spots, growth spurts, tiredness and mood swings. The funny, cartoon-style illustrations keep the tone light but are anatomically accurate and show a range of real body types, encouraging inclusivity and self-acceptance.

Perfect reading for children aged 8+. The text and illustrations have been reviewed by a qualified medical doctor. Contents:Don't panic!All about your body - on the outsideAll about your body - on the insideHello hormones!I'm growingI'm growing BOOBS!Periods - WHY?Periods - sorted!The skin you're inWhat's that hair doing there?Eating and exercise. Zzzzzzzzzz.....

Puberty for your brainIn a mood! Feeling OK - or not OK?Strange new feelings

Friends and fitting in

Say no to sexism!

When does it end?

Puberty timeline

Frequently asked questions

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